Thursday, September 1, 2016

Works of the Flesh v. Fruit of the Spirit

I have been studying lately about walking in the flesh v. walking in the spirit. I personally have read the both of these lists minus the definitions and didn’t think much of them. But, sad to say, with definitions I can find lots of areas in my heart and life that need surrender and cleansing!! Lord, work these things out of me and fill me fresh with Your Spirit!!! :)

Immorality – wickedness, immoral behavior, vileness, corruption, dishonesty, unethical, bad, wrongful, foul
Impurity – morally wrong, especially in sexual matters, lustful, lewd, crude, improper
Indecent – dirty, filthy, rude, coarse, naughty, vulgar, gross, off-color
Sorcery – use of magic, witchcraft, enchantment, spells, incantations
Idolatry – immoderate attachment or devotion to something, worship or a physical object as god. Enmity – opposition, hostility, hate
Strife – anger, bitter disagreement, conflict
Jealousy – feeling or showing envy of someone’s achievements or advantages
Anger (ill temper) – strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, rage, hostility
Selfishness – inconsiderate of others
Envy – discontent, resentful of someone else’s possessions, qualities or luck
Divisions – discord, disunity, disagreement
Drunkeness – affected by alcohol, losing control of one’s faculties or behavior
Carousing – Drinking + partying

Love – deep affection, warmth, tenderness
Joy – pleasure, happiness, delight
Peace – quiet, calm, tranquility, order
Patience – accepting or tolerating delay, trouble, suffering without anger or upset, even temper Kindness – friendly, generous, considerate, caring, helpful
Goodness – integrity, doing what is right, being thoughtful, gracious, well behaved
Gentleness – kind, tender, sympathetic, understanding, merciful, considerate
Faithfulness – showing true support and loyalty, trustworthy
Self-control – control over your feelings and actions, restraint over your impulses, emotions, or desires