Monday, February 21, 2011

Unexpected Trials

I'm just sitting here thinking about how we can make it through this life when hard times come. When people die unexpectedly and sometimes "too early". Everyday you hear of abuse and wrong that has happened to others. These things are hard to understand. We want to question and ask "Why God?, Why?".

God's plan is so much bigger than we can see or understand. Sometimes it doesn't make sense at all or it seems like He made a big mistake. But His ways are higher than our ways, He sees the whole span of our lives as we remember the past and live in the present. He knows what the future holds and is there to hold us no matter what happens...if we let Him! He never promised we would not go through hard times of varies kinds, but He did promise that He will never leave us or forsake us! He is a comforter, helper, healer, deliverer. He is an anchor and a rock to cling to when the storms of this life are raging. So many are tempted to turn away from God or be angry with Him during these times. But I am determined that I will run TO HIM during any and every trial or crisis. Not only in those times, but I want to stay close to Him so that when trials come I don't feel like He is too far away to reach. It's easier to bring your burdens to a friend than to a stranger.

My prayer for today: Lord, help me to trust You and praise You in the good and in the bad. I don't want to live one day of my life estranged from You, I don't have to and I choose not to! :)

Be encouraged, God is in control and never taken by surprise! :)