Monday, May 24, 2010

Another day, another prayer!

God, lead me to where you want to be. You know all of my needs and wants, but more than that, You know what You want for my life. You know what is best! I surrender completely to what You want for me and my family. I only ask that if you want us to move that you will make the way plain before us and make it very clear exactly where You want us to go! We are totally dependent on You! We cling to You and we are confident in You! The world is uncertain, but You are not. Thank you for being our rock and our anchor! You are calm during a raging storm, You are peace when my heart and mind are worn. You have settled my past, I give you my today, and I thank you that You hold my tomorrow! I trust You for EVERYTHING!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Prayer for Today!

God give me boldness to speak the truth in love & be a light in this dark world! Forgive me for my shortcomings & for the times I choose to go my own way. I admit I am stubborn & hard-headed, but I pray that you will help me to be stubborn about following You & hard-headed against sin. Help nothing I do or say be a stumbling block to others. Help me to know when to speak & when to keep my trap closed! AMEN!